UTG cell product machines

Laser cutting system

  • Proprietary Optical System & Tech Support

  • Robot System for Breaking & Unloading

  • 30um ~ 100um UTG Cutting

  • Glass Chipping < 3um

Chemical cutting system

  • Chemical etching System & Tech Support

  • Both side spray or dipping type

  • 30um ~ 100um UTG Cutting

  • No glass chipping

Cleaning system

  • Improving cleaning quality by shaking baskets(40㎜ up/down)

  • Water mark protection by Final Hot DI water & EQL(Edge Quick Life-up)

  • Anti-vibration by Chuck & Grip

Chemical strengthening system

  • Maintain Temperature of CS Bath

  • Anti-Vibration System

  • Improve Temperature uniformity of CS Bath

Edge chamfer system

  • Remove fine clack and chipping from edge after UTG cutting

  • Machining the shape of the Cell cross section with a chamfer

  • No need for fine cell stacking

Soft etching(Healing) system

  • Remove fine clack and chipping from Cell surface & edge after UTG cutting

  • Improve nature of Cell surface & edge after CS process

  • Rapid processing