Genecoat means
"origin of coating" in the synthesis of Genesis and Coating, and it is intended to open up a new world of coatings with technology accumulated.

GENECOAT is focusing on materials & parts and equipment.
The material & parts sector develops materials required for various functions of electronic device parts and supplies coating products with differentiated technologies to enhance the functionality of parts used in the semiconductor and display products. In addition, the equipment field is responding by develops sputtering systems and UTG related process facilities. Founded in 2013 as a thin film deposition company, your support and encouragement have given us a unique technology in the field of heat-resisting materials and SiC coating that improves the durability of the graphite.
In the future, GENECOAT promises to do its best in research and development to meet the needs of various customers based on the spirit of continuous creation and challenge, and that all executives and employees will fulfill their corporate social responsibilities with one mind.

Thank You

CEO Jungtae Hwang